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Editorial notice on the review process 

As part of our ongoing effort to safeguard the scientific quality of our journal, the editorial board detected administrative shortcomings in the review procedure for two 2014 issues and one 2015 issue. As a result of this administrative deficiency we were unable to trace the authors of some review reports. 

In order to remedy this shortcoming the editorial board and the publisher decided to re-evaluate all concerned articles by anonymous external reviewers. The review confirmed that all published articles met academic standards. At the same time, we have adjusted our administrative review procedures in order to avoid similar incidents in the future. Unfortunately, this resulted in a delay of our publication scheme for the second and third issue of 2015. We would like to express our sincere apologies to our authors and readers. 


Results ( 4 ) : 2015 - 4.

Is the French Case Illustrating that Competing Operators and Regulatory Strategies Force Telecom Services to Become a Commodity?

Authors: R. Le Goff, J.A. Rojas

Abstract: Voice services were the main source of revenue for French fixed and mobile telecommunications operators in the early 2000s. This situation has progressively changed. Nowadays broadband services are the main source of revenues for fixed line operato...

Broadband Network Evolution and Path Dependency

Authors: G. Knieps, P. Zenhäusern

Abstract: If market power regulation is necessary from a network economic point of view due to the absence of active or potential competition, the principle of minimal regulation should be applied. Thus, parameters of investment decisions should be left to m...

Reviewing Regulatory Policy for Broadband in Turkey. The Failure of Service-Based Competition and the Prospect of Facility-Based Competition

Authors: E. Köksal, Ş. Ardıyok

Abstract: More than ten years after the liberalization of the telecommunications industry, Turkey still has the least penetrated and most concentrated broadband market in Europe. This paper investigates the poor performance of the Turkish broadband market, e...

Vertical Unbundling and the Coordination of Investment in Electric Systems: On ‘Cheap Talk’ and Deep Charging

Authors: G. Brunekreeft, N. Friedrichsen

Abstract: This paper addresses the investment coordination problem in a vertically separated electricity supply industry in the absence of locational pricing. In an electricity system, investments in network and power plants need to be coordinated. Unbundlin...